Book Loan Program


With over 1500 books available, O.M.S.A.s Book Loan Library helps defer the cost of textbooks for all students utilizing this service. This service allows students to borrow any textbook in the O.M.S.A. library free of charge for an entire quarter. To borrow a textbook, students must:

Visit either the Loop or Lincoln Park office, present a student ID, and fill out a short agreement form so that O.M.S.A. may notify them in advance of any due dates for book returns.

Supply the front desk staff with as much information as possible for your course textbooks including the title, author, and edition.

In order to provide the latest editions of various textbooks, we ask students to donate books and the end of each quarter in which they have borrowed a book.

Please note that books are kept at the location in which their respective classes are usually held. For example, Language, Writing, and Sociology books will be located at the Lincoln Park office, while Business, Law, and Commerce books are at the Loop office.  The Book Loan service is open year-round during normal office hours from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday Friday.


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