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Orientation FAQs

The following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding different aspects of DePaul’s orientation programs. As always, if you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact the Office of New Student & Family Engagement at orientation@depaul.edu or 773.325.7360.

Is attendance at orientation required?

Yes, attendance at orientation is required. This is how all first time DePaul students register for their first quarter of classes. It is to your advantage to attend an orientation session so that you are able to learn more about the requirements of your college program, meet with an academic advisor, register for classes, interact with current DePaul students, and find out more about college life at DePaul.

What if I can't attend the whole program?

Once you're here for orientation, attendance at all of the sessions is required. The sessions offered during the program (whether Premiere or Transition DePaul) are critical to your success and if you miss any or all portions of the program you may forfeit your ability to meet with an academic advisor and register for classes. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from being able to attend the program for which you are scheduled, kindly call us before your orientation session so that we can try to reschedule you for another program.

Will I meet with an advisor at orientation?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to plan out your academic coursework for the upcoming quarter with an advisors from your college.

Do I have to stay overnight?

An overnight stay is required for Premiere DePaul, even if you will not be living on campus during fall quarter. Missing any part of the two-day orientation, including the overnight component may prevent you from registering for classes on Day Two.

For students attending Premiere DePaul on August 28-29 or September 3-4, there is no overnight component to these programs. If you have a fall housing contract, please contact Housing Services to arrange for an early move-in, otherwise overnight accommodations will not be provided.

Overnight accommodations are not available for parents and guests, or for the Transition DePaul programs. For a list of nearby hotels, please click here and then click on "Places to Stay" in the center of the page.

Where will I stay?

Students attending Premiere DePaul stay in a residence hall on the Lincoln Park Campus. Everyone participating in the program will stay in the same residence hall, along with current student leaders who are members of the orientation staff and the residence education staff. New students will room with other new students (of the same sex), with 2 - 3 students per room.

Parents and guests do not have on-campus overnight accommodations. For a list of nearby hotels, please click here and then click on "Places to Stay" in the center of the page.

What should I bring?
Use this checklist as you plan for your Premiere DePaul or Transition DePaul program:
  • Campus Connection user ID and memorized password
  • Your student ID number
  • Photo ID to obtain your student ID card
  • Final Transcripts, if not already submitted
  • Immunization records, if not already submitted
  • Notebook and pen or pencil
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes (including a sweatshirt or jacked for air conditioned buildings)
  • Umbrella in case of rain
  • Directions to campus
  • Spending money (snacks, bookstore, etc.)
  • Overnight toiletries (for Premiere sessions between June 27 - August 8)
Do I need to submit my transcripts and immunization record?

It is important that your final transcripts are submitted to DePaul as soon as possible, as this will provide academic advisors with the full picture of students' academic experiences. Students should send a final, official copy of their transcripts to the Office of Admission as soon as it is available. DePaul also requires a copy of each student's immunization record. Records can be submitted online. Additional information can be found here.

Are placement tests required? When should I complete my placement tests?

Students complete their required placement process online before registering for orientation. The results of this process will be shared during academic advising to determine proper course selection.

The placement process can be completed anywhere: at home, school, or from any place with a computer and an internet connection. When you are ready to being your placement process, log on to Campus Connect using your DePaul user ID and password and click through the following menu sequence: Self Service > Admission > Next Steps > Placement Process.

For detailed information about the placement process and exemptions, visit http://www.depaul.edu/admission-and-aid/test-credit-and-placement/online-placement-process/Pages/default.aspxStudent. If there are specific questions about the placement process, please contact Student Records at dpcl@depaul.edu or 312.362.8610.

Once I submit my reservation for orientation, how long will it take before I find out what date I'm scheduled to attend?

After you submit your online orientation registration forms, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours, providing details about the program and the selected session. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact New Student and Family Engagement at orientation@depaul.edu.

What orientation session should I attend?

Students who take action early and select an earlier orientation date do have an advantage when it comes to selecting classes. While every student will leave orientation with a complete class schedule with classes that will fulfill Liberal Studies or major requirements, the greatest selection of course offerings will be available to those who attend orientation early.

Students who are from out of state, outside of the U.S. or with previous commitments should reserve their spot in the most convenient orientation session and be assured that they will still obtain the classes that they need.

Do I need to bring any money?

The New Student Orientation Fee covers all meals (dinner, breakfast and lunch for Premiere DePaul and lunch for Transition DePaul) during orientation sessions, as well as parking on the Lincoln Park campus. However, students are encouraged to bring spending money to the program for a snack or visit to the Bookstore.

The orientation fee will be assessed on your first tuition bill. Please do not bring payment for this fee to orientation.

Is there a cost to attend the Parent and Family program?

No. Students attending Premiere or Transition DePaul can bring up to two guests with them free of charge.

If family members or guests attend, will they participate in the program with me?

Sessions for parents and family members run concurrent to the student orientation sessions. While the sessions take place at the same time, most of the two program activities are separate. To register your parent(s) and/or guest(s), be sure to complete the "Guest Registration" section of the online reservation form within Campus Connection.

Can my parents/guests help me register for classes?

Parents(s) or family member(s) can assist you when reviewing the Degree Planning Tools http://offices.depaul.edu/depaul-central/academics/planning-resources/Pages/default.aspx prior to coming to orientation. However, at orientation parents/guests are not allowed to attend advising sessions with their students.

What happens if I've decided not to attend DePaul University?

If you have decided not to attend DePaul University, please inform the Office of Admission (admission@depaul.edu) and New Student and Family Engagement (orientation@depaul.edu) as soon as possible.